My business values

My words are my bond

Do whatever you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it. If for any reason that is not possible, inform clients about changes as early as possible. Implement 30 – 50% time buffers for deadlines on every project to minimize delivery delays and missed deadlines.

Do one thing at a time

I work on one project at a time, only moving to the next when that project is paused (for client input or lack of resources) or completed.

Knowledge should be shared

I charge for my time and input, not my knowledge. I will answers questions freely and share any useful resources or tips I find. If I have an idea of something I’d like to see but I am unable or unwilling to create it, I will share the idea freely for someone else to try.

Work to live, don’t live to work

Find out what “enough” is and find the simplest, most fulfilling way to achieve it without burning out. Fill your days with activities you enjoy and work to fuel those passions. Don’t work just for work’s sake.

Cover your ass, especially with friends

Always get it in writing. No matter what. It is tempting to strike deals with friends you trust, but friendships don’t run businesses, contracts do.

Inform, but make it fashion

I will keep quality records, informative content and structured client templates, but ensure that they are presented in a visually-pleasing way to encourage my audience/community to engage and learn from it.

You’re worth what you’re worth

My hourly rate is not negotiable, however if possible, I can adjust my packages or scope of work to suit a client’s budget.

The client’s wish is your command

I can advise clients on what I recommend, but if after advising and explaining, they still want something else that’s permissible within the scope of the project and your abilities, I will do it.

Business is personal

My business is part of my life, not separate from it, therefore I will maintain good relationships with clients and not take on any clients who I believe may be difficult to work with. If client relationships must end, I will try to do so as amicably as possible.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

I have multiple skills and interest that people have paid me for in the past, however, if I wish to grow in the direction I’ve set out for myself, I must keep focus on the few specific things that get me to my goals.

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