Falling off the wagon

Some days, you fall off the wagon.

You had a good streak going. Past you is really proud of present you’s commitment to seeing things through, and future you is grateful for the new habit you’ve acquired.

But then shxt happens.

Life gets in the way. Unexpected elements you hadn’t planned for starting rolling towards you faster than you can fight it. At first, you push against it, keep climbing that mountainous task because you don’t want to fail again.

But the avalanche is too great. And soon, it knocks you down. You’re stuck in place and you have to dig yourself out. Progress isn’t even an option, you just have to stay alive in that moment.

Now you have to decide…

Is this really important enough for me to keep climbing? And while the part of your brain that hates to fail will tell you to give up, past you got on this journey for a reason. So it’s time to dust yourself off, regroup and adjust the plan. And start climbing once again.

So that’s what I’m doing. The September Writeathon journey continues.

Due to some unexpected events (and a few expected ones), my last week was an entire mess. But I am determined to see my goal of writing 30 posts in 30 days through. I can’t push my end-of-September deadline, but I have much more time this week than I did last week, so I will be tripling up my writing each day to cover the days I missed.

See you at the peak.

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