What crazy reason is holding you back?

For the past two years or so, my 80+ year-old dad has been planning a multi-day trip around Jamaica. He picks a rental car, lays out the itinerary, and even arranges accommodation – everything! Yet, on more than three occasions, he bails at the very last second.

So I asked him what’s holding him back, and his answer kinda shocked me…

“Back in 2009, when you were in college, I set off on such a trip with Gloria (his late wife, my late stepmother). By the time I got about an hour into the drive, I met into a minor car accident. It was so difficult getting it resolved on site, I gave up and came home.”

He never told me that before. But now that I knew, I saw an opportunity to help him move forward.

I replied, “Well, Gloria’s no longer here and you’re not getting any younger. (LOL, we play rough in my family.) Even if the same situation happens, you’ll be a lot more prepared this time around. It’s something you want, so you should do it.”

His only response, “You’re right.”

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We all have this big, dreamy goal we know deep down we can achieve, but some “hidden” force is stopping us from chasing it.

For me, it was promoting my freelance business. Why? I was scared that it would become too big to handle, and I’d have to hire employees.

I know, I know. Silly, right! Not only is that a great problem to have, I now realize it’s not a problem at all.

Sure, demand will increase if I promote my business, but I can always say no! I can command higher rates, set up a waitlist and never be out of work. There’s no need to change my solo freelance lifestyle. It’s all just fear of the unknown.

So here I am, putting that dream into action, and hoping you’ll do the same.

This week, think about your big goal and what’s truly holding you back from getting started. Then kick that fear in the *** and get started anyway. Your future self will thank you for it.

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