Stacy-Ann Hayles

Web Designer for small businesses

about me

The first thing you should know about me is that I’m a murderer.

I have killed every plant I ever owned, except for 3 recently given to me by my well-intentioned sister, which are currently on life support.

The second thing worth knowing about me is that I’m a Jamaican-born freelance web designer with a background in digital marketing; and I’m mostly passionate about three things:

  • helping small businesses thrive online
  • simplifying life and work through minimalism and lifestyle design
  • solo slow travel to walkable cities and towns around the world

On this site, you can check out my portfolio, web design services and blog. To connect with me, you can reach out via email or on Twitter.
what's happening right now?

Here’s what I’m up to right now:

  • No launches in June. Instead, I’ve been focusing on some other work and personal pursuits. More websites to come though…
  • Hurricane Beryl just swept through Jamaica on July 3, leaving much of the island without power, water and internet for days (some places still waiting). I now have a new appreciation for these basic amenities we take for granted.
  • House of the Dragon season 2 has been EPIC so far. I think it’s fair to say…even better than the first season. I claim no team but I feel for Alicent, despite her wicked ways lol. And I support Daemon in all his wrongs.
  • Still watching The Blacklist in my downtime. Some parts more enjoyable than others. Proud to say – I clocked the Redarina theory early and it makes for an interesting watching experience.

Inspired by Derek Sivers’ /now page movement and can be accessed at any time via
Last updated: June 2024 in Montego Bay, Jamaica

web design toolbox

Here’s a quick list of the main tools I use to run my business and build websites for my clients:


  • M2 Macbook Air base model (only upgraded from M1 because my screen cracked 🥲)
  • iPhone 15 Pro base model (only upgraded from 13 Pro Max because my screen went blank – sensing a theme here?). I also use a PopSocket on it when I’m home and this magnetic wallet case when I go out.
  • AirPods Pro 1st gen (will replace with latest model when I start traveling long term again, because I hate that it’s my only device with a lightning port)
  • This wireless mouse
  • This portable laptop stand

Business Management & Productivity

  • Spark for email (paid version)
  • Apple Calendar (native app on desktop and phone)
  • Dropbox for file storage
  • for meeting scheduling (much better than Acuity!)
  • Bear for notetaking and journaling
  • Things 3 for task management (also use LlamaLife for daily task lists and pomodoros)
  • Whereby for online meetings (online based, no downloads required – far superior to Zoom)
  • BitWarden for password management
  • Wave for accounting and invoicing
  • Brave browser (similar to Chrome, but without annoying ads – even on YouTube!)
  • Payoneer for transferring online payments to my local bank accounts (referral link)

Web Design

  • Elementor page builder (single most important tool in my web design business – referral link)
  • Namecheap for domains and hosting
  • Canva for graphics and image editing (paid version)
  • Fathom for website analytics (paid but worth it, eons better than Google Analytics – referral link)
  • Pixabay, Pexels and Unsplash for free stock photos
  • ManageWP to manage multiple sites
  • InstaWP to spin up demo sites (referral link)
  • Nimbus Capture for full-page screenshots
  • ColorZilla for getting hex codes for any color on a page
  • WhatFont for finding out the font on any page

Have a question about any of these tools? Feel free to reach out via email or Twitter DM to chat.

A few of my favourite things


Born a Crime

The Art of Non-Conformity

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Who Moved My Cheese

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


The Pumpkin Plan

Company of One

Finding Me

A Perfect Vintage

tv shows

Revenge (ABC)

The Newsroom

How To Get Away With Murder

Game of Thrones


Downton Abbey

Grace & Frankie


Covert Affairs

@fter Midnight


The Greatest Showman

(it counts!)

Practical Magic

Coyote Ugly



Sweeney Todd

The Family That Preys

Knives Out

Catch Me If You Can