Stacy-Ann Hayles

Web Designer for small businesses

How to finally take a break as a solopreneur

One of the hardest things to do when you’re a solopreneur is take a break. But guess what… You need that damn break! Not only is necessary to keep you from burning out, that’s the whole reason you got into this, remember? Freedom. Flexibility. Going to the beach in the middle of a Tuesday just […]

The only “other” in the room

I’ve become used to being the only “other” in the room. As a child in school, I was often the only one from a rural area, while others in my class came from the city. Of course, that meant that back home, I was the only child attending a school in the city, while the […]

How to stop chasing invoices

By becoming a freelancer or small business owner, you pretty much agree to get a masterclass in bill collecting. Following up on invoices becomes a part time job. I’ve had clients take months to pay for work they insisted was “urgent”, or refuse to pay because they outsourced the work from one of their clients […]

Books every freelancer should read

Becoming a successful freelancer can be very fulfilling. However, the road to success is paved with potholes. I know, because I’ve been at this for almost 10 years – and while I’ve had some great times, it’s been more like a rollercoaster ride until I finally got a good grasp of things a few years […]

Love the followers you’ve got

Imagine yourself at a conference with over a thousand attendees. You’re the big name on the ticket. They came just to support you and they’re eager to hear what you have to say. But instead of getting on stage, you’re at the door hawking tickets – hoping to pack the space with even more people. […]

Third-worlders can’t afford your products

It’s no secret that folks from developing countries earn criminally less than their developed counterparts. Most people in Jamaica, for example, earn about $600 USD ($90,000 JMD) per month, compared to the estimated $2,800 USD earned by most Americans. Even if we do manage to get online and start to earn some foreign income, the […]

Kill your goals

As a writer, you learn early in your career that sometimes you just have to “kill your darlings”. It’s a rather graphic way of reminding us that, no matter how attached we are to a certain sentence or storyline or character, if it doesn’t work in the overall context, we have to let it go. […]

Productivity hacks I actually use

If there are a thousand productivity hacks out there, I’ve probably tried 999 of them. From cold showers to “eat the frog”, from GTD to PARA, I’ve tried them all, just to see what sticks. At the end of the day, while many were useful, there are a select few of them that have stuck […]

How to get paid online when you live (and bank) in Jamaica

*This post contains a referral link to Payoneer. If you use it, we will both benefit (financially) so it’s a win/win! Thank you in advance. 🙂 One of the biggest struggles of anyone who wants to embark on selling products or services online/overseas is how to get your hard-earned cash from PayPal (the most popular […]