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State of the Union 2024

If I had to pick one word to describe 2023, it would be “rejuvenating”. Not only did I finally get the opportunity to step back from work completely for a few months, I also started to live healthier overall and make solid moves towards the person I want to become. 2023 Highlights Stepped back from […]

State of the Union 2023

2022 was a year of rest, relaxation and leisure. Now it’s time to get back to work. Here’s what happened, and what I’m planning for 2023.

State of the Union 2022

I’m notorious for my delinquency and procrastination, but even I must admit that publishing a State of the Union – aka my annual “year in review/new year plans” blog post – in March is pushing the boundaries a tad. However, after the very eventful last few months – which I’ll get into below – I […]

If you work for a man, work for him

I’ve always said I never want a husband or kids. And I found it a cruel joke that the universe saw it fit to give me – not my family-oriented siblings who all have spouses and kids – the responsibility of taking care of my elderly dad. I’ll admit, at first I wasn’t too happy […]

What’s your “enough”?

In Paul Jarvis’ book, Company of One, he tells a story of his accountant friend who made enough money by August to take the rest of the year off to go rock climbing. He figured out how much money he needed to be comfortable, made it and then went off to pursue his passions. Brilliant! […]

The quintessential millennial in NYC

A few years ago, I took my first trip to the Big Apple. I was on my own, and New York City was on my bucket list, so I was super excited about it. So excited, in fact, that I planned that trip to a tee. From booking tickets to attractions in advance to doing […]

State of the Union 2021

2020 was a year that broke me. Shattered me to a million pieces… At 6pm on May 8th, I sat in a hard, uncomfortable chair in a makeshift hospital waiting room. My father slouched beside me in a wheelchair, the left side of his lip sagging. We waited over 6 dread-filled hours to confirm – […]

State of the Union 2020

I accomplished some amazing things – dream clients and work milestones, finally making it to Europe (a goal I’ve had for 10 years), turning 30! Awesome, right? But somehow things still managed to get all screwed up.

About those racist sinks in Mexico…

Want to know what we mean by “systemic racism”? The system is so racist that even your sinks are discriminating against black folk. Sinks? Did you say sinks? Yes, your freaking bathroom sinks!

State of the Union 2019

2018 was the year of rebuilding. It started out looking like my last year on earth, but somehow miraculously turned into the year I finally gained some peace within. Here are the highlights.