Stacy-Ann Hayles

Web Designer for small businesses

What’s revenue got to do with it?

You spend a bit of time on #techTwitter and you’ll see everyone proclaiming their growing MRR – monthly recurring revenue, or how much they’re collecting from customers each month. It’s become a symbol to the world of how successful the tool or app they’ve built is doing. In fact, across the board, how much revenue […]

The only “other” in the room

I’ve become used to being the only “other” in the room. As a child in school, I was often the only one from a rural area, while others in my class came from the city. Of course, that meant that back home, I was the only child attending a school in the city, while the […]

Love the followers you’ve got

Imagine yourself at a conference with over a thousand attendees. You’re the big name on the ticket. They came just to support you and they’re eager to hear what you have to say. But instead of getting on stage, you’re at the door hawking tickets – hoping to pack the space with even more people. […]

The best ad campaigns I’ve seen (so far)

The best ads are the ones that make you take notice, change your perspective, or have a strong emotional reaction. As a marketer, I’ve been exposed to, and analyzed, many ads over the years, but these are a select few that stuck with me along the way. 1. The Real Thing (Coca Cola) Jamaica is […]

What’s your “enough”?

In Paul Jarvis’ book, Company of One, he tells a story of his accountant friend who made enough money by August to take the rest of the year off to go rock climbing. He figured out how much money he needed to be comfortable, made it and then went off to pursue his passions. Brilliant! […]

Third-worlders can’t afford your products

It’s no secret that folks from developing countries earn criminally less than their developed counterparts. Most people in Jamaica, for example, earn about $600 USD ($90,000 JMD) per month, compared to the estimated $2,800 USD earned by most Americans. Even if we do manage to get online and start to earn some foreign income, the […]

True Life: My mother is an anti-vaxxer

My mother worked in public healthcare sector in Jamaica her entire life. She’s held jobs at several hospitals and even the Ministry of Health itself. She got vaccinated as a child, and took her children to be vaccinated as well. She even enrolled me in a clinical trial up until age 12. She also has […]

About those racist sinks in Mexico…

Want to know what we mean by “systemic racism”? The system is so racist that even your sinks are discriminating against black folk. Sinks? Did you say sinks? Yes, your freaking bathroom sinks!